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 Founded in 2018 , MobRep is a platform that’s working to facilitate the common people in solving there problems as well as helping the businesses grow and improve their service. MobRep is a revolutionary/far-reaching service designed to simplify mobile repairs without making them too hard to find. Find the mobile repair service you need, browse and select your device and listed shops, and that’s it! We connect you to the nearest mobile repair shop. To make it hassle-free, the integrated map directs you to the exact location of the store. Be it a broken screen, blurry camera, or faulty charging port, we have got you covered. 


Mobrep is not just any website , it’s a platform that helps both sides; the business and the customer; connect and communicate. It’s a listing website that lists all the mobile repair shops starting from UK and then including the whole world so that no one has to suffer the loss of losing a mobile or any device because of any failure. We help the businesses to grow and help find customers. At the same time, We help the customer in finding the best repair shop in the region.

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Are you a business and need device accessories We’re here to help you. We provide device accessories at a very reasonable and cheap price to the repair shops. The quality of our product is exceptional and price challenge is unbeatable. 

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