Smartphone Repairs

We specialize in Phone repairs for Apple iPhones, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Galaxy, Sony, HTC, Nexus, Motorola, Blackberry & much more.

Mac Repairs

We can repair Mac’s desktops and laptops to the same standard as the Mac Store, From backlight issues to OS not loading.

Glass Only Repair For OLED
We now have the only The gTool DRS iPhone & Samsung refurbishing system In the UK
PC Repairs

We can repair PC desktops and laptops to a high standard and get your home or business PC up and running in no time.

Tablet & iPad Repairs
As well as phone repairs we also repair most tablets from the major manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Microsoft.
Other Repairs

We can carry out a whole host of repairs of your household items, from board level repairs to backlight. Just get in touch for a FREE no-obligation quote.


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