From your professional life to your personal life, you depend on your Mobile Phone/Android Phone for a lot. That’s why it can be a real inconvenience when your device is on the fritz. As the oldest and largest mobile repair network in the Leicester. Universal Solution knows a thing or two about Mobile Phone/Android Phone – and we’re here to help you! Whether your Mobile Phone/Android Phone is suffering from water damage, a cracked screen, broken LCD, malfunctioning buttons, muffled audio, or another common issue, we have a step-by-step repair and troubleshooting guide for you. With years of experience in the mobile repair industry, we can guide you through any common Mobile Phone/Android Phone with ease. If your Mobile Phone/Android Phone problems are beyond a do-it-yourself repair, enlist the help of the experts at Universal Solution. Moreover, a slow laptop can be extremely frustrating specially when used for work to meet the important deadline. Don’t struggle with a low performance machine. Come to Universal Solution in Leicester and we’ll upgrade or give it a clean



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